Ultrasonic velocity and allied parameters of uni-univalent mixed electrolytes (keeping one salt common) in aqueous solvent

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Dr. Nidhi Sharma, Dr. M. Singh


Ultrasonic velocities of aqueous solutions of uni-uni valent mixed electrolytes, have been measured at a constant frequency of 10 M Hz at 298.15 K. From the ultrasonic velocity(u) and density(?) data of the aqueous solutions of these mixed electrolyte systems, the values of acoustic parameters - viz; adiabatic compressibility (?ad), apparent molar compressibility (?k), inter molecular free length (Lf), specific acoustic impedance (Z), hydration number (Hn) and relative association constant (RA) have been obtained. The results of the study have been discussed in terms of ion- solvent and ion - ion interaction.

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