Ultrasonic Studies On Molecular Interaction of Substituted Thiosemicarbazides And Thiaoxa dizenes

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M. S. Wagha, P. S. Agrawal, L. J. Paliwalc


The experimental data of ultrasonic velocity, density, viscosity have been obtained for some thiosemicarbazides and thiaoxadizenes in 85% DMSO over the concentration range of, (0.002 to 0.01) mol.Kg-1. The derived parameters such as adiabatic compressibility (?s), apparent molar volume of solute (?v), limiting apparent molar volume of solute (? 0v), and Jones- Dole viscosity coefficient were obtained using the density and viscosity results. The variations of these properties with concentration give the information about solute-solvent interactions

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