Induced electron transfer reaction in Pentaamine Cobalt (III) Complexes of Alpha Hydroxy Acids in Sodium Lauryl Sulphate medium

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Z. Abdul Vaheith, Mansur Ahmed


Imidazolium Fluorochromate (IFC) oxidation ofpentammine cobalt (III) complexes of ? hydroxy acid at 33 ?C inmicellular medium has been attempted. The reaction exhibited secondorder kinetics and in the case of mandelato complexes the amount ofcobalt (III) reduced corresponds nearly 70% of mandelato complexesis converted into keto acid Cobalt (III) complex. In ImidazoliumFluorochromate induced electron transfer in the complex, theintermediate radical was formed dissociated in a nearly synchronousmanner with C-C bond cleavage and the rest of it proceeding with ?C-H bond fission yielding keto acid cobalt (III) complex withincreasing micellular concentration an increase in the rate isobserved.

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